Ohara is one of the very well known sightseeing hotspots in Kyoto, familiar to any Japanese. Just about 12 km outside of downtown Kyoto, a 40 minute drive, it's not too far but gives you a totally different feeling from what you get in the city.
The area is very famous historically and the view of the many temples and shrines in the countryside portrays a feel of ancient Japan. There are also many hands on activities you can experience here.
Enjoy some Macha tea in one of the temples or shrines with some peace and quiet.

First Stop !

Temple : Sanzen-in

"Sanzen-in was beautiful! The walk was relaxing and I enjoyed the scenic route"
"The garden was amazing. I got a lot of great pictures and I almost felt like I was walking around in ancient Japan"
<Admission> 700 Yen
Highschool & Jr. Highschool: 400 Yen / Elementary: 150 Yen

Temple : Hōsen-in

"The garden was really amazing. We were really lucky because it was such a nice day. I sat there and read a book while my friend walked around and took pictures of the garden"
"The pine tree that was cut into the shape of a mountain was really interesting. The tree itself is over 700 years old"
<Admission> 800 Yen (includes Macha tea and sweets)
1000 Yen (includes access to Shōrin-in temple)


After a nice morning stroll through the garden, have lunch somewhere in the area.
Head down to the paper making workshop after you've recharged.

Japanese paper : Motoshiro

"I love hands on activities, and this was my first time trying paper making in Japan. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. I got some really great pictures!"
<Cost> From 500 Yen
Prices vary depending on what you choose to make and size.

Ryokan : Seryo

Located just around the corner from Sanzen-in temple, get a luxurious feel at this Japanese style inn with outdoor private baths and excellent service.
<Charge> Approximately 20,000 Yen per person.


"We stayed at Seryo Ryokan, which was really comfortable and the staff were really sweet! The food was spectacular. All of it was stuff I wouldn't eat back home, but I had no problem with any of it."

"In the other hotels, I had to use the public baths which I wasn't so used to, but here they had a wonderful private hot springs in the room where we stayed, that was outside in the garden which was really nice."

First Stop !

Indigo Dye : Kōbō Ai no Yakata

"It was so much fun!"
"The place smelled kinda funky, but the final product was awesome it made a great souvenir."
Hankerchief : 1,500 Yen
Shawl : 5,000 Yen
T Shirt : 5,000 Yen


On your way to Jakkō-in temple, grab some lunch somewhere in the central area.

Temple : Jakkō-in

"The building was rebuilt and comparing it with the old pictures, and seeing the items on display after the fire, was really amazing"
"I spent so much time just sitting by the pond and watching the koi swim around. It was really relaxing"
<Admission> 600 Yen

Ohara sanso

Right next to Jakko-in temple, there is a very welcoming Japanese style inn "Ohara sanso" that has 19 comfortable guestrooms and natural hot springs. Within the precincts of the inn, you can enjoy a nice hot foot bath or try hands-on pottery.

Pottery : Raku-Yaki

Enter the Pottery making shop, and try your own hand at designing your own original pottery piece.
<Cost> 1,000 Yen - 3,200 Yen


Finally after a long day of walking and sightseeing, dip your feet in a nice hot spring, relax and enjoy a nice cold drink in the café and wait for your piece to finish in the kiln.
<Charge> 700 Yen includes drink and foot bath.
Guests staying at Ohara sanso and customers that do hands-on pottery are entitled to discounts.

Ohara area: Details in facilities.

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