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Challenge 25

As once the prospering capital, Kyoto has continued to protect the beautiful natural scenery of the land and since the relocation of the capital from Nara to Kyoto; it has quietly and diligently built up the worldly renowned history, culture and tradition over a time of 1200 years.

Kyoto is also the land where the start of the Kyoto protocol was incepted. Since the rapid growth of the economy over the years, the effect of the harsh environmental damage has become an international crisis within Kyoto as well.

It is now time to rethink the problems at hand.
We at aksh Inc. along with the city of Kyoto are faced with important missions to not just share the secret beauties and fascinations of Kyoto to the rest of the world, but because we are from the land of the start of the Kyoto protocol, we have a responsibility to decrease global warming and work toward a low carbon society.
There may not be so much that one company can do, but the strength of one can accumulate into something worth the future.

aksh Ltd. is proud to be an active supporter of the Challenge 25 movement.

Challenge 25 Official Site: http://www.challenge25.go.jp/

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