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North Area


Miso Shop


Our shop is located within the mountains that remain a classic view of old Kyoto and Japan. We service you with one of the most important flavoring ingredients in Japanese cooking. Miso. In the near future we have plans to offer taste testing of miso soup. Please see the details for a more specific explanation on miso)



Japanese pickle shop

Tsuji Shibazuke Honpo

Located in Kyoto, home of the Rakuhoku area, we service you with delicious Tsukemono (Japanese pickles). The process of pickling Tsukemono, has a long history and his been a tradition carried out for many years. Our Tsukemono is prepared with all home grown ingredients and use nothing but salt to keep the original, traditional flavor. It is naturally and carefully aged to make the best lactic fermentation. A healthy and valuable garnish only available in Ohara.


East Area


Japanese Pickles shop


Established May 17th 1902.
All naturally pickled with no extra preservatives added, we take the importance of flavor and aroma seriously.
To have you savour the best flavours of vegetables in its prime season, we don't use any chemical seasoning, artificial colours, artificial flavouring, acerbities or thickeners. We take pride in pickling our vegetables using only Kelp and Bonito as the principle stock with soya sauce, brewed vinegar, "mirin" (Japanese sweet rice wine for cooking) salt, sugar and miso. The balance of all these natural ingredients creates a harmony of satisfying flavours.


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