Textiles and Kimono

Kimonos are in less demand as many people have switched to western clothes, although they are still seen worn in formal occasions and settings such as weddings, funerals, and at formal restaurants by proprieters and staff.
The labor-intensive process of making a kimono involves many highly skilled artisans as each finished item is passed from hand to hand.
Kyoto's original yuzen technique of dyeing kimono uses brightly colored dyes that are hand-painted onto the kimono.
Kyoto is also known for kyo-komon stencil dyeing, and kyo-kanko shibori, tie dyeing.


In Kyoto, the ceramics are very important and are revered, as it plays a fundamental role in the presentation of Kyoto's kaiseki ryori, which places much emphasis on table-ware to compliment the food itself.
Therefore, Japanese ceramics come in every conceivable shape, color, and size. Kyoto's Kiyomizu yaki originated and developed in the Kiyomizu district, and is recognizable by its colorful, decorative features.
Pottery that is fired in this style can be seen lining the shops along Ninnenzaka and Sannenzaka, although they are made and fired in nearby Yamashina in accordance with city's pollution standards.
In the summer around the end of July, Kyoto hosts toki-matsuri, pottery market where stalls line Gojo street from Kamogawa to Higashi-yama selling all types of ceramics and pottery.


Incense arrived in Japan along with Buddhism from China, and continues to play an important role at temples both as offerings to ancestors and as instruments to aid in meditation and chanting of sutras.
Japanese incense is subtler in frangrance to its Indian counterpart.
Kyoto has many incense shops carrying both the every-day variety for the family altar, as well as a more expensive type for personal use.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are a great place to find interesting and unique bargains on traditional items and sample local food and snacks, all on marvelous temple grounds.
All your senses come to life here as you make your way among the busy crowds and between stalls.

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