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Specialty shops


Hands on pottery & Café


Stop by and do some arts and crafts.
Hands on pottery. Make your own piece, and while its baking in the kiln, relax your feet in the foot bath and enjoy a nice refreshing drink.
Take home a piece of Ohara! Makes a great souvenir too.


Specialty food shops


Miso Shop


Our shop is located within the mountains that remain a classic view of old Kyoto and Japan. We service you with one of the most important flavoring ingredients in Japanese cooking. Miso. In the near future we have plans to offer taste testing of miso soup. Please see the details for a more specific explanation on miso)



Japanese pickle shop

Tsuji Shibazuke Honpo

Located in Kyoto, home of the Rakuhoku area, we service you with delicious Tsukemono (Japanese pickles). The process of pickling Tsukemono, has a long history and his been a tradition carried out for many years. Our Tsukemono is prepared with all home grown ingredients and use nothing but salt to keep the original, traditional flavor. It is naturally and carefully aged to make the best lactic fermentation. A healthy and valuable garnish only available in Ohara.


Miscellaneous Services


Bicycle Rental Shop


Right in front of “Demachiyanagi” Station. Rent-a-cycle for just 500 Yen for the whole day! Open from the break of dawn till late 365 days a year! Value plans available for long term visitors.


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