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Central Area


Relaxation & Massage


The popular Shiatsu technique is said to have over 10 times the effect of released energy through the feet to loosen all the knots in your body. Release the fatigue from you're toes, heels, the back of your feet and legs to the tip of your shoulders with the care and skill of our experienced masseuses. Indulge in the relaxing experience collaborated with aroma oils and special techniques you've never felt before.


North Area


Bicycle Rental Shop


Right in front of “Demachiyanagi” Station. Rent-a-cycle for just 500 Yen for the whole day! Open from the break of dawn till late 365 days a year! Value plans available for long term visitors.


East Area


Bicycle rental shop

Kyo no Raku-chari

[Kyo no Rakuchari] Higashiyama Sanjo branch is an electric motorized bicycle specialty shop. The powerful motored bicycles will assist you when you need a push start or help you up those tough uphill routes for an easy sweat-free ride. Enjoy your sightseeing in the Higashiyama area where you are close by the world heritage sites such as Kiyomizu-dera temple, Kinkaku-ji temple, Nijo-jo castle, Ginkaku-ji temple and the Imperial castle.


South Area



Kyoto eco trip

One minute on foot from Kyoto Station.
Why don't you go sightseeing around Kyoto on a bicycle?
Bicycles are the best way to get around in this city!
Quicker, cheaper and more efficient than a bus!


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